Increase pinterest followers free

Social Media Pinterest Increase Followers

how to get and increase pinterest followers free fast and pins repins totally free gain more exposure and more fans for free on social media site pinterest.

Pinterest is a very popular social media website , Where members can meet new people with similar interests. It allows members to create a board which as there interests in one place like blogs and websites. We can also have these on public so other members can look at share by repinning and pinning them . On this site I will show you cool way’s to Increase pinterest followers free and get free pins and repins on your pinterest.


Increase pinterest followers free

Want to grow followers fast and free . And also get free Repins – pins then carry on below and follow instructions it is free and really does work. All I say is just try it see what you think.

  1.  Sign up now here and then check email to verify account to make sure it was you who signed up.
  2. Now login once signed up for free account. And the way this works is you earn points by using social media sites online. Now don’t knock it till you have tried it its been proven and works 100%.
  3. Start earning points by going to social exchange section. And then choose facebook ,twitter or what ever you wish. To earn points by liking or following others . Now so you know this works only earn a few points and then add your pinterest profile link.
  4. Once you start to see them come pouring in you see how effective this site really is. TIP when you add your link in the add page section and choose pinterest followers once add your link. Try put it on 9 points to offer people to follow you. When you know it works and followers are coming in. So you can keep track add pages and find your profile link you added in pinterest followers.
  5. When you see your link it will show you how many followers you have gained now click points part pause it.
  6. Start trying to make more points as many as you can . The more points = followers. This site also as contests so the more exchanges you do in a week or you can win big points. What some members do is try earn a few 1000 points a day or more if you can.
  7. Also can use this site to add your pin url or repins and get likes as well. works as well if you want to add twitter or youtube for subscribers and facebook pages.

This site is the best way to Increase pinterest followers free

Also if you liked this site there is also : Follow Like – This works same way .

Few little tips when making a pin . Please try not rush it . Use a clear picture and good title don’t choose rush your your description. Try to make a paragrah or 2 in description using keywords related to your pin. Try as well post original content like your blog or website.

Also good tip do research before making a board or pin. Use the search to look for keywords of the same niche you are pinning about. Try as well repin others same interest. So if you are pinning about cats or cats funny moments for example . Then search it and repin others same interest , also like them and follow others. Edit settings and add a username for your pinterest. Try make it clear and a good username .

All this will also Increase pinterest followers free and do it daily if you can. Try not to make alot of pins one after the other try space them out . And also try do it at different times of the day.


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